Monday, June 23, 2008

Big Excitement Around Here This Morning?

Right at 8am, our ever-perky, ever-busy city workers showed up with their noise pollution cheer! *wink*

And, Pojke is in little boy HEAVEN! LOL


GiBee said...

I think I would have had to fight Hunter to keep him in the house!!! Its so funny how God equips boys to like certain things, isn't it???

sara said...

They're vacuuming the storm drains around here and the high-pitched hum is driving me nuts.

He looks like Jack who runs to the window to watch the garbage get hauled away. Jack LOVES garbage trucks and excavators and boom trucks and frontloaders and backhoes and and and. And he knows all their names. Little boys. So cute.

Unashamed said...

Groan. Did they wake the kids up?