Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Somewhat back online

Five days later, the internet can now reach the house but cannot reach my PC at my desk. I pulled out the 6 year old laptop to plug directly into the modem to post this. I'm actually afraid to log in to my email at this point! LOL

Everything here is fine. Without internet, I got an amazing amount done around the house! LOL I'm hoping to post tonight about the crafts and luminaries I made today for Tackle It Tuesday.

And, Relay is in 4 days and I HIT MY FUNDRAISING GOAL! Thank you to everyone who donated!! Can't wait to hand the checks in I received! And, as of last Friday, Peggy is the third largest indiviual fundraiser for our county and our "David's Runners" team is the third highest fundraising team out of 100+ teams! *big grin*

Thanks again SO much and I'll be back as soon as we are 100%-internet friendly again.

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Sam said...

Ha ha, it's quite funny isn't it, just how much you can get done when the internet ain't working!!!