Friday, June 13, 2008


Our schedule got a little out of hand the last 36 hours. Most of our time was spent away from the house - not necessarily a bad thing but it throws me off my game in terms of getting stuff done around here.

Yesterday, I spent until 1pm keeping the kids out of DaHubby's earshot. Then, we all ate our big meal of the day then I spent naptime paying bills, balancing the checkbook, and assorted odds and ends. We got the kids up, fed them a snack, and we were off to church.

Last night was FPU graduation! DaHubby and I have been faciliatting our church's first Dave Ramsey class. We started with 13 families. Three of which run a large local nursery together. We knew they'd be not finishing the class this time around once spring started. However, out of the remaining 10 families, we handed out 8 certificates last night!

While we watched the last video, we enjoying a pot luck supper. And, afterwards, DaHubby and I revealed their totals. Over the last 13 weeks, these 10 families have:

Saved about $15,000
Paid off about $47,000 in debt
And, avoided/declined 1.8 million dollars in credit offers!

In 13 weeks!

So, while our schedule was overtaken, it was in a good way. DaHubby took last night off and stayed home with us. And, today is our Vikings Pasty Party!

Now, I just need to get 5 days worth of errands done that keep getting put off! LOL

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Shelby said...

I commend you for this wonderful teaching you have brought to your church. I am amazed at the amount of savings, and debt paid off by the participants in such a few short weeks. Oh, that all believers would get a real understanding of God's Biblical framework for managing money, by getting out of debt, giving generously, building a savings, and budgeting, as unto the Lord!!!
May the Lord richly bless you for the hours you have invested in teaching others practical, life changing principals to become faithful stewards of what God has entrusted them with.
Blessings, multiplied many times over!!!