Monday, June 23, 2008

Pass The Torch Tuesday

This is DaHubby and my siblings-in-law. Twenty years span from oldest to youngest.

I still don't know how my MIL did it! *wink* Particularly since she had all 3 girls before she was 21! LOL And, by the time she was the age I had Flicka, her oldest was nearly married! LOL

But, seriously, these are a cool bunch of people including David who is no longer with us. All sweet, smart, crafty, creative, and organized (well, the "organized" doesn't really apply to DaHubby. He must've missed that gene! *wink*) And, they with all their cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. really blew my socks off this past weekend at Relay For Life.

I just wanted y'all to know today that I'm really glad that they will be part of passing their torches to the Vikings.

And, to DaHubby, thank you for sharing these crazy folks with me!

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