Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Last Thing...

...before I scare off anyone who subscribes and sees that I posted 4 times already today (and it's only 8am)! LOL

Feeling kinda proud of the luminaries I made yesterday for Relay this weekend. I snapped a pic just now and took off some of the identifying info. Also in the pic are the lip glosses I made. Not included are the bath salts which are made, in a Ziplock on the counter, and awaiting containers.

As of this morning, Peggy is the third highest individual fund raiser in our county; our team is the second highest fund raiser for the county; and we are only $85 short of our $3,000 goal! *big smile*

If you haven't donated to a local Relay or the American Cancer Society recently, please consider going to my ACS page.

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