Friday, June 6, 2008

One tiny corner of shade

I had one about 10 X 10 foot square in the back corner of our yard still in shade when the Vikings and I arrived home from errands today. Dreading the thought of keeping them in the house to shade their pale Nordic skin at midday (LOL), I told them to stay in their rooms momentarily and I'd be right back with a surprise.

Filled up the kiddie pool, turned on the sprinkler, slathered them with sunscreen, made slushies with their PB&J's and made it official! Summer is here!

And, thanks to GiBee for her great idea. One bowl contained BUBBLES! LOL


GiBee said...

YAY! How fun!!! Kids love bubbles. Next time, put bubble bath in the pool!

meg duerksen said...

looks like lots of fun!
if you have sunscreen...why not?
i love to just be outside and with a sprinkler you don't need much more!

jessica@Stella Event Design said...

Thanks for the comment---I agree Sheri is great! So nice to have a reader who is local! I miss the mansion grille, it was so nice--hard to believe it will soon be El Cozumel Mexican Restaurant! Best Wishes!

Thursday's Child said...

Looks like fun! I'm going to have to get another kiddie pool for our terrace in Lebanon (and try to do a better job of keeping it from getting holes).