Monday, June 23, 2008

Montessori Monday

As an education pioneer, Maria Montessori was very interested in children exploring with their five senses. And, I've read that Montessori classrooms are a great place for budding tactile learners to bloom even further.

While both Flicka and Pojke are definintely hands-on types of kids at this point, I'm beginning to see a difference between Flicka's age-appropriate hands-on exploring vs. Pojke's growing tactile learner qualities.

Case in point: despite our cutting back financially and living within our means more frugally in the interest of debt reduction, we saved up for a family membership at a local kids' museum. We've dropped other "extravagances" like magazine subscriptions and eating out but this membership is worth every dime - especially when seeing Pojke playing.

One thing Montessori based programs are known for is their open-ended play. There are no "finish" or "winner" or "rules" so to speak. One good example is a water table.

Now in the interest of our frugality, I haven't gone out and bought (or even made) a water table (yet). The Vikings are perfectly fine with a tub or kiddie pool filled with water or "helping" with dishes or "washing" the sink after teeth brushing. But, there is just something about the look on Pojke's face here:

Now, THAT'S a concentrated learner trying to figure out how this works! LOL

The museum's "water table" causes Pojke to come to a stand still for long periods of time - longer than anything but playing with his beloved Matchbox cars.

My mother-in-law describes a time when she would buy small kitchen appliances at garage sales to bring home so a pre-teen DaHubby would have something to take apart to destroy/explore and figure how it worked.

I have a feeling that gene has been passed down! And, I think I've got a tactile learner on my hands! LOL

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Pam said...

I am so impressed with your research, your attention to what your children are experiencing, and the way that will help them in a global learning fashion.

You are a great teacher, Beth, and your little ones are blessed to have you on their team!