Monday, June 23, 2008


Haven't really processed everything from the weekend. Incredibly emotional plus being awake for 40 hours, sleeping on the ground, and being not as young as I was when I used to pull all-nighters (LOL) is making for a slow recovery still today.

Remembering David. Watching Peggy be pushed in a wheelchair for her first survivor lap. My sister-in-law, Sue, the oldest of the Viking sibling crew, was the keynote speaker at the luminaria ceremony Saturday night. Walking the silent lap in memory of those lost.

DaHubby took a video of Sue's speech but he is waiting for our switchover to a new ISP tomorrow which will provide us more than twice the speed connectivity than we have now.

We just want to say THANK YOU to all of you that supported us this weekend with your donations and/or your prayers.

Of the 110 teams that participated, ours was one of the three featured in our local paper Sunday morning. If you go to read the article, Peggy, my brother-in-law Marlon, and my two nieces are featured in the first picture as well.

Finally, it's hard to convey the scope and the power associated with this, but DaHubby captured a picture at the end of the luminaria ceremony which took place under the grandstand pavilion at our county fairgrounds.

Each person there was given an unlit glow stick. Then, the MC said "if you are a survivor of cancer, break your stick...if you are here honoring your parents, break your stick....if you are here honoring a sibling, break your stick...if you are here to honor an aunt or uncle....a grandparent...a spouse..." and on and on and on.

Within a few minutes, the whole place was lit with glow sticks:

Thanks for making supporting our county's Relay which last year was in first place nationally for donations per capita. Thank you for making our team second in the county this year for donation totals. And, to those who donated to Peggy specifically, thank you for making her the top individual fund raiser for the entire Relay this year!

Thank you again. Just thank you.

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