Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tree Cuttin' Excitement Day Two

Those busy beaver city workers are back. They arrived right at 8am again! LOL Apparently, it wasn't enough to take more than SIX hours to get down the tree from yesterday.

After spending nearly the entire day yesterday listening to chain saws and the wood chipper, this nice man (who actually took time to come across the street to speak with Pojke when we were first at the curb) is now running a machine that looks like something out of a really nasty horror film that DaHubby assures me is called a stump grinder! LOL

And, again, Pojke is in his glory! So much so, he pulled up a chair to the storm door! LOL

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sara said...

We have a lot of trees in my neighborhood. You have described a regular sight around here - especially after storms. Will they replant the trees?