Friday, June 6, 2008

Pensieve's June Poetic License

I've have the worst three ADD days this week than I have in a long, long time. After a week like this, I remember why anxiety, depression, and substance abuse is so often found in people with ADD or ADHD. Lack of sleep this week. The first of this season's hot, humid weather. Lots more change on the horizon...some of which begins next week. Challenging behavior from the Vikings. All of which I feel like I'm handling badly. Dealing with ADD often makes you a bit of a control freak in order to bring some semblance of organization to your day. Change and pressure, while completely normal and to be expected, are not welcome. LOL

I had no idea what to write about this week. Been thinking and thinking and thinking. Then, it struck me 15 minutes ago while I'm trying to keep myself together. And, I wrote this:

madness chaos
overwhelming drowning crying
whirlwind scrambled, gentle placid
calming floating softening
quiet thoughtful

For more on the diamante poem form discussing and/or describing the great outdoors or emotions, go here for an explanation and here for examples.


Tami said...

REally good! (self diagnosing) Now I know what ails me! It isnt a joke, I know that the effects of ADD and ADHD are very real and very trying for individuals and families. This really is a great one because it not only raises awareness.. but gives hope!

Jana said...

That's well done! Good choice of subjects, and nicely described.

Peculiar said...

WOW! This was all true and all good. I had no idea what I was in for when my boy was diagnosed when he was 5 with ADHD, but we dealt with it. He is now 18. Then, two years ago, when I got married, I acquired another daughter who is ADD, and I had never dealt with that before either, but...God is good. We're still dealing, but I've learned so much and we've grown together. I hope the rest of your summer goes well and that God blesses you to be of help and be light to someone else who deals with the same things.

Kathleen Marie said...

This is wonderful and I know so many can relate to and feel your words.

Brandon Satrom said...

Great poem and great topic. Love your choice of words.

Sandy said...

Great job with a difficult subject. Difficult to live with and difficult to deal with objectively.

Thank you.

Robin said...

Ugh....bless your heart! I had no idea all that was going on! Hugs & thanks for playing along in spite of the frustrations.

Thing is, I love the way you ended on a peaceful note--did that help at all to write it down? Move from the difficulties associated w/ADD to a more calm resolution? I hope so...real life can be poetic, huh?

Hope this week is going better for you. :)