Saturday, May 31, 2008


Garage sale, day two.


6 hours so far


an average of about $1.60 an hour for three days of preparing and manning the loot

But, dishes done, laundry's done, kids fed a decent breakfast and lunch, 2 errands run, DaHubby and I got to visit most of the morning so it isn't a complete loss.

And, now...

since I can't have another for a year per our city's code

do I box it up and bring it in the house? (which is against "the rule" DaHubby and I set up for garage sales)

Ebay everything I can? (breaking the rule also)

or take it all to Goodwill?


Unashamed said...

Rats. That is so disappointing. It probably feels like a lot of work for nothing. Or next to nothing anyways. Why don't you bless somebody else with the stuff and take it to Goodwill?

Thursday's Child said...

I vote for Goodwill if it gets it out of your garage. If there's anything you could actually get a decent price for on eBay, then you could set that aside in the garage, but only if you absolutely think it's worth it. Make sure it's worth the clutter and trouble.

Jodi said...

ugh - i know that is SO frustrating! I gave up on garage sales a long time ago...we just take it to Goodwill...a tradeoff I'll take any day over the headache and hassle of organizing a yard sale...I'm a procrastinater and my luck I would amass all the stuff and then never get around to actually doing the sale...