Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here lies a faithful monitor - RIP

Well, my second attempt at sleeping in this week (and that means 7 instead of 5am LOL) was foiled this morning with these very sad words:

"Babe, are you up? I think the monitor burned up."

*sigh* I'm up now.

So, with a ton of computer work to do today (camping menus, MOMS Club newsletter, etc.), I am staring into the face of my old, discarded, 13-inch, seemingly HUGE and definitely heavy, screen-rippling', eye-damaging CRT monitor.

Oh, beautiful, modern 17-inch flat screen...we hardly knew ye! *sniff, sniff*

(And, pray that DaHubby remembers all his Dave Ramsey training when the discussion begins on what to do about this...or I'll end up with a multiple-thousand dollar, wall mounted, flat screen for the TV that "will work for the computer too, honey!" *wink* Hey, would this qualify as something from the emergency fund? Hmmm...LOL)


Anonymous said...

Naw...... and from the lyrics of a Jimmy Buffet song "I've got boats to build." Finish up the last kayak and off to some skin boats.

DaHubby of DaWifey

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

That's odd...your "Honey Do" list doesn't have boats on it, does it? *wink*

And, don't forget, we have about 32 hours to do all the buying and packing for the weekend! LOL

Unashamed said...

How old was the monitor? It might still be under warranty. Did you check?

GiBee said...

Have a wonderful time camping!!