Friday, June 27, 2008

Ending the week with a bang

Busy, busy, busy.

After last weekend's sleep deprivation, this week seemed harder than usual.

DaHubby had class on Monday night.

Couldn't tell ya what we did Tuesday night. LOL

DaHubby had his Spring term finals on Wednesday night.

Both Vikings are fighting "eye crusties" the last few days - most likely allergies according to the ped's office.

I've also been feeding my crafty sewing much so that I have two finished projects to show off for Tackle It Tuesday next week. It would be three but I not only ran out of white thread but I broke the needle on the machine! LOL

Finally, last night, the in-laws were over for dinner (I had forgotten about DaHubby's new "no meat" diet and had put a whole chicken in the crockpot LOL). Afterwards, DaHubby and DaGrandpa took out the canoe that DaHubby just recently finished for a test run.

And TODAY we leave in 8 hours to go camping - and did I mention that we have nothing packed, no food purchased, and a week worth of laundry to do?! Oh and that there is a 40-50% change of thunderstorms this weekend? *eye rolling*

For all the miracles Jesus performed, it would seem like He could spare me one today cuz that the ONLY way I'm gonna pull this off today! LOL


Anonymous said...

I hear ya! We had a busy (LONG!) week, too. Little sleep for the kiddos and myself ... we're a whiney family. LOL We, too, are headed camping this weekend. Try to stay dry! ~Melanie

Kelly - PTT said...

Hehehe. I've had days like those;) Hope it turned out to be a great weekend!

Lady of Value said...

Well, how did the camping trip go?