Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pass The Torch Tuesday

Well, this one is more of a sentimental one than anything the Vikings have done recently. LOL

I grew up in a typical middle-class suburb on the west side of Detroit. I was able to walk half of a block to the closest park, two blocks to my elementary school, and four blocks to our neighborhood pool. I also could walk three blocks to my neighborhood library - one branch in a bigger city-wide system.

When I started junior high (this was before middle schools, of course LOL), I had to cross a major thoroughfare (6 lanes of 45 mph traffic with a grassy median) to get there. My
halfway point? That neighborhood library. And, being the only child of a divorced, working mom, that library became a home away from home.

From what I can recall, it was those years from fourth to eighth grade that really solidified my love of reading. And, they probably planted the seeds for the middle school language arts teacher I would eventually become 20 years later! LOL

My best memory of my little library that seemed so huge and full of information, stories, data, pictures, and future dreams was that my grandma worked there! LOL Coming in a close second was participating in the summer reading programs year after year.

The summer I remember best was the one where I was determined to read the entire
Nancy Drew mystery series. At that time, there was "only" 34 of them. I don't remember if I did anything else that summer (other than my annual trip to camp) than read!

And, yesterday, for the second year, I signed up Pojke and Flicka for our local library's reading program which is opened for ages 18 months to 8th graders! *sniff, sniff*

One of the best traditions my mom instilled in me was reading lots and writing well. And, I know my grandma, the 20+ year library
employee, was also a reader. So, it really touches my heart to know that Flicka is a fourth generation young lady learning to love to read! And, I'm hoping that my grandma, now in heaven, is looking down smiling!

(a pic from 2004)

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Kelly @ Pass the Torch said...

Beautiful post! What better way to pass the torch than with a love of reading???

Lady of Value said...

Hi Beth, Ok, I need some advice on helping my two (5th and 8th grade)with reading comprehension. They both read beautifully, just kinda forget what they read. Help!

GiBee said...

sweet post, and wonderful memories!!!