Monday, June 16, 2008

Relay For Life: (Nearly) One Year Later

This is a re-post from June 25, 2007.

Occurred at Relay this weekend...

At 10pm was the luminary ceremony. There were speakers, singers, etc. for a short time followed by a "silent lap" around our county fairgrounds (our "track") in honor of those lost to cancer. A little too heavy for me to want to take the kids to so we stayed back at our tent site. Flicka insisted so someone watched Pojke and then Flicka and I slid in the side of the grandstands to watch. After a few minutes of sitting patiently and quietly...

"Momma, why are all these people here?"

"We're trying to raise money for people who are sick, sweetheart."

"ALL these people are sick!?"

(chuckle) "No, baby...some are sick, some got better, and some just know someone who was sick."

"Momma, why are all these people here?"

(thinking she's just not gonna get this...)"Well, baby, sometimes when people are really sick, they don't always have enough money to find the thing that can make them better. So, we're trying to get money for those people who are sick to help them out."

(a few second pass...she starts shaking...) "What's a matter, sweetie?"

(she climbs into my lap, buries her head, she's crying, and then looks up at me and says...)

"Momma, I have money at home they can have!"

And, Momma loses it. I've been a mess ever since. But, I think we'll be doing this next year! *wink*

(photo above is one of the many luminaries honoring David. In the photo is my three awesome sisters-in-law, David, DaHubby as a teen, and my remaining BIL.)

If only I had known that 7 months later, Peggy would be fighting cancer as well. *sigh* Flicka's learned more about cancer in the last year than I wish she had to know at 4 years old.

Please consider giving - whether to your local Relay or to our team. Your giving may save life. Someone gave, someone took that money and did research, someone else took that research and developed a treatment, another someone took that treatment and gave it to my mom and Peggy - and my mom and Peggy are still here!

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