Thursday, May 3, 2007

Today for Heather

How appropriate that today is the National Day of Prayer!

Today - and possibly at the very minute you are reading this - Heather may be undergoing life-saving brain surgery for what was originally thought to be inoperable brain cancer. This woman has been on my mind and heart constantly the last week or so as I watch and read her blog in awesome wonder how her amazing faith is being walked out through this challenge. If you could, take a moment and lift her up to the Lord today.

lso, Heather seems to have a particularly soft heart for praise music and and a gift for singing. She posts videos of songs that inspire her over the last few weeks. This particular song that she posted on April 19th gripped my heart and will not let me go. So, I asked my pastor last night if he would consider allowing me the honor to sing it as a special after praise and worship this Sunday or next Sunday. I do it because I feel compelled. And, it's a tribute to Heather, her faith, and the Lord we share. But, I'm also hoping that her story and this song will touch someone at this point unknown to me in my church family who may be struggling with something.

Father God, may Heather's doctors find NOTHING to remove or, if they do, that Your will be done and may it be the best possible outcome for Heather and her family. Whatever happens: all for Your glory, Lord!

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