Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Purse Meme

(Updated: Da Hubby pointed out to me that too much of our personal info was showing up on some of these pics so I re-posted with some altered pics.)

I was tagged by that nosy friendly *wink* GiBee over at Kisses of Sunshine for the "purse meme" that's been going around the mommy blogs. I'm afraid she'll be very disappointed! LOL She picked a incurable tomboy with a very boring bag!

This is as transparent as it gets - I hate shopping so much plus I can't EVER seem to find a purse I like. As a result, every purse I've had in the last seven years, Da Hubby picked out! LOL And, this one is no exception. Knowing from experience how hard I am on clothes, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc., he chose one of
these for a Christmas present in (I think) 2004. I've used it for 2 1/2 years and it barely shows any wear! LOL How's THAT for an endorsement! *wink*

So, here is mine. It's actually bigger than I need but that extra space comes in handy with the miscellaneous baby/toddler stuff that inevitably ends up in there as we travel.

In the main pocket is my wallet, checkbook (with a Duluth Pack checkbook cover provided by Da Hubby as well), my Palm, my cell (which is our home phone), a brush, a pack of floss and appointment card from my dentist appointment yesterday and the summer camp schedule from our local kids' science museum.

In the zipper pouch is a melange of hand creams, eye glass cleaner, hand sanitizer, lip balm, extra keys for Da Hubby's vehicle.

And, finally in the outer pocket is a Walgreen's receipt and coupon and the receipt/paperwork for Flicka's YMCA swim lessons.

See, told ya' it would be boring! *wink* You should see our diaper bag...I got tired of carrying everything but the kitchen sink and finally transferred into a smaller bag - my old college backpack! We're nothing if not frugal around here! LOL

So, to share the fun, I'm tagging Lisa, Christina, and JMom.


sara said...

I gave my old school bag to DH and he uses it for work, so I had to buy a new one when Harry was born. With my first baby I carried a purse AND a beautiful red, silky, Chinese-inspired diaperbag. NOW the backpack holds everything. A teeny tiny bag inside with "purse stuff" just in case I don't need the diaper bag

Lisa said...

I will give it a go! If I can't figure out how to download the photos, it'll be up tomorrow. So stay tuned...

:-) Lisa

C. H. Green said...

glad i found you. will add you to my list of reads. I rarely get through them all, but I will visit from time to time. Stop by mine if you have time. And I don't have a digital camera, but I'd be afraid to post my purse...lol

GiBee said...


It looks like you have all the important and necessary things in your purse!

And, if you don't feel like picking out another purse, you could always enter my Mother's Day contest and win a FREE purse!

Thanks for playing along!!!