Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Back on the Wagon

Well, this blogging thing has been an awesome accountability tool for me...I've read with my kids, I've cleaned the basement, I've read my Bible, and now I'm hoping it'll help me lose weight! Count me in for the May Day Weight Loss Challenge!

My weight was never a problem until I went away to college and it has been going up and up and up ever since. I eat as an emotional/stress response plus my ADD triggers some wicked impulse eating where I'll have half a bag or box of something GONE before I realize what I'm doing! LOL I gained so much that it actually impeded me getting pregnant. Then, having babies in a mid- to late-thirties body didn't help matters. I have a poor back from an old injury which has gone from being an occasional pain to chronic, every-day-painful, activity-limited issue.

After Pojke was born I decided to do something before I turned 40. I didn't want that birthday to show up on my doorstep and still feel like this. Having kids later in life also made me recognize that if I don't start taking care of myself, I may not get to see all the things my kids do and achieve as they get older.

So last summer, I started a Weight Watchers copycat program running at our church. From July to October, I lost nearly 30 pounds! I felt amazing! But, as fall turned to winter, the weather became less hospitable for outside exercise and the seasonal garden veggies ran out. I put back on about 7-10 of those pounds.

Well, I now have 10 months 'til my 40th birthday and I have a significant chunk still left to lose before getting back to a healthy weight. So for this challenge that runs today through September, my goal will be another 30 pounds. Also, I'll be walking an hour at least twice a week with my MOMS Club.

Each Tuesday those participating will be posting how they are doing. If you are interested in joining much of the mommy blogosphere, join us at Tales From The Scales - a blog especially created for this challenge! Good luck to all!


Denise said...

Hey sweet one, I am doing this challenge too. I will be cheering you on.

Beth said...

YAY, BETH! How exciting to be doing this journey with you! I can't wait to see everyone's end results!

Melissa said...

I have 10 months til my 40th birthday too! I'm doing this challenge, and have a 40 by 40 plan. Stop by my blog & read about it.


Robin said...

You can do this and so can I! I'm looking forward to beginning this journey "together". It will be fun to read of your successes each week!

Nise' said...

Great idea to try and get it off before age 40. I never had a problem until I turned 43 and it is harder than ever to get it off! Welcome to the challenge!

Nancy said...

I turn 40 next February, so we are close to the same age. I feel the pressure to get back into shape before that big day too!