Monday, May 7, 2007

Following the Lord's Lead

I made her cry. The young mom I've passed a dozen times when we pick up our kids from the nursery after service. I don't know her well. And, I made her cry.

While our church is not large by any means, it's grown enough in the last few years that we don't necessary get called every time the prayer chain is activated like we used to. But what I did or didn't know at the time didn't matter to God. I did what I felt He was asking me to do. I sang the song.

I was sitting up on the platform before service with the other singers, Da Hubby on piano, and the worship leader. Then, one of our pastors opened up service. Before prayer, she directed everyone's attention to the young couple sitting in their usual seats. As Pastor Deb began to speak, I didn't think anything of them sitting there alone. Their kids were probably in children's church and the nursery with Flicka and Pojke. But, one wasn't. One was in the hospital. An hour away. And, they were here. At church.

Apparently, last Saturday evening, the father had their eldest in his vehicle and they were in a bad accident. The father was fine but their son was not. Broken bones. Stitches. Head injury. The couple had spent the last week at the bedside of their son while dealing with discussions of possible rehab and the repercussions of the head injury.

I looked at Da Hubby across the stage, caught his eye, and mouthed the words - "my's for them!" And, we both teared up. He nodded.

During prayer, all I kept thinking was "here I am, Lord, use me"

We sang our scheduled songs. More prayer. Then, offering. Then, it was my turn.

I shared the (very) short version of Heather's story. And, I said I felt I had been directed to sing this song and up until now I hadn't known why. But, then I made eye contact with that young mom and said "but, I think I do now".

Da Hubby said I did wonderfully. I thought I sounded awful! I couldn't quit crying. *wink* I don't think it mattered. I made her cry, too.


UntrainedEye said...

You did a GREAT job. BTW i had it recorded so we can review it later.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

To Da Hubby- you BETTER be kidding! I DO NOT want to hear a recording of it! LOL

Lisa said...

WooHOO! What a wonderful story! Hope that their child is recovering quickly.

Debbie said...

Beth, I couldn't hardly wait to read your post on this. I just knew something wonderful was going to happen!!

Ain't He great!!!!!!!

Karen said...

God's timing is so cool! What a great story!!