Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thank Tank

In honor of Peach who is taking a God-directed bloggy break at the moment...

I've been on a "5 senses" thing lately so I'm using that to organize my thankfulness list today! LOL

1. Thankful for the sound of Flicka singing her three-year-old version of praise and worship songs..."there's no God like Ta-ho-ga, there's no God like Ta-ho-ga..." (that's "Jehovah" for those unfamiliar with Flicka-speak and/or
this song)

2. Thankful for the taste of anything sweet, chocolate, or ice cream flavored...thanks to Beth and her compatriots at
Tales from the Scales. *wink*

3. Thankful for feel of the heat kicking back in again this week - typical Michigan weather: last week air conditioning; this week the furnace!

4. Thankful for the sight of Heather who is still with us , still fighting, still praying, and still waitin' on her healing! Her struggle, her testimony, and her faith have already changed how I see the world around me.

5. Thankful for the smell of crock pot soup and fresh baked bread. We have made it habit the last 6+ weeks to prep Saturday night and then fill the crock pot and the bread machine early Sunday morning so that when we arrive home 3-4 hours later, there is this amazing, thank-God-for-homemade-food smell as soon as we walk in the door!

So, while Peach is on sabbatical, ck out Thankful Thursday at Sting My Heart.

1 comment:

Peach said...

That was me! I'm still skulking around here and there. I'm contemplating the idea of picking up my blog again -- just no clear direction from the Lord yet. So, I wait. Thanks for droppin' by, sweet Beth.

I am so touched every week as you continue posting a thanks tank.

I'll be over for your next crock pot yummy -- sounds delish!