Saturday, May 12, 2007

Taking a Break With the Animals...

...and I don't mean the Vikings! *wink*

After a long week of overtime for DaHubby, late nights prepping the garden, and busy, sniffly, boogery babies, we're taking a family day off. We're driving an hour and half east. My mom and step-dad are driving an hour and a half west and we're meeting here.

No "momma chores" and diet food for me. No "honey do lists" or computer work for DaHubby. No "hurry up and wait" for the Vikings. Just a (hopefully) perfectly sunny, pleasantly in the 70's day of animals and grandparental (is that a word? LOL) spoiling.

I'm sure DaHubby will take an insane amount of pics. I'll try to post tonight or tomorrow with a few. Have a wonderful, blessed day everyone!

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Lisa said...

I tagged you! Come visit my blog!