Friday, May 11, 2007

Passing Along a Curriculum Deal I Found

As I've mentioned before, I'm planning a bit of a "homeschool preschool experiment" for this fall for Flicka. I figure we'd give it a try before I'm actually accountable to explain to someone that I'm keeping her home! LOL Anyway, everyone I've spoken to has been fantastic and FULL of ideas. However, it has left me swimming in possibilities.

There's setting up a place, materials, curriculum, amount of time, etc. The curriculum possibilities alone are enormous. One I've checked recently that has come highly recommended is
Alpha Omega Publications. I investigated their site and not only are they currently advertising 15% off all curriculum purchases in May but I found coupon codes via Pay Per Post for a site called for free shipping from AO on purchases over $200.

I'm not quite ready to purchase anything just yet. So, while I sort through what will work for us, I thought I'd pass this along to any of you in the market for new curriculum. To find this code, click
here, select the "baby, kids, and toys" category in the left column, then scroll down on the next page to the section that lists "all stores" and Alpha Omega is listed first.

God's blessings!

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lady of value said...

Hey Beth! Sometimes you can find good used material that is way cheaper to buy or trade. Many homeschoolers around here don't write in their material and then in the summer, trade with someone for the next grade they need. Check it out.