Monday, May 21, 2007


One of the things I appreciate about my current denomination and church home is how it requires accountability. It can be awkward or make one self-conscious at times. But, I feel like it creates a stronger bond among the fellowship as well as destroys the hiding of sins in the darkness where they can fester and get significantly worse.

To achieve this, there is a level of transparentness that would probably horrify some people outside our church family! LOL We don't only share prayer needs like unsaved family members, health concerns, injuries, and the like but it is not unusual for people to speak openly about their need for prayer in areas of drug addiction, money issues, and other less "Christian-like" temptations.

This blog has worked in much the same way for me. It has helped or is helping me read more (the Bible as well as other things), write more, and lose weight. It encourages my faith to "speak" with some of you each day and makes me feel less "odd" for some of the beliefs I hold. LOL

However, the scales have tipped out of my "favor"...and it's my turn to be transparent. It's nothing major but I'm beginning to lose a sense of balance and priorities (again).

*Despite the "good" it brings, I'm spending too much time on the computer, particularly blogging and following others' blogs.

*After spending some time feeling proud (the first sign of a problem) of turning off the cable and keeping the TV off more often, my kids have spent too much time in the last week or so in front of it so I could catch up or keep up with my online "responsibilities".

*I DO NOT like the reaction in me this weekend as DaHubby joined in a photo contest I found and promptly trounced me with the number of votes he's received. I was not gracious about it at all and found it difficult to enjoy his happiness and well-deserved confidence-building.

*My pride (there's that word again) and excitement in getting some crafty things done this week turned into sourness with my hubby and kids when my online "work" got done, THEN my housework which then left no time for crafty work which made me cranky.

*My disappointment in myself that I never finished my Godly Women entries because, well, I haven't been reading my Bible much.

*I'm participating in too many carnivals and contests and seeking connections there instead of starting here at home, in the Word, within my family, and reaching out from here.

*I'm spending WAY too much time "keeping score" about how much I feel I'm doing and how little I feel I'm being "appreciated" for it - another bad sign.

*My computer time has taken away from my exercise goals.

*And, finally, since I am an emotional eater, all this "out-of-balance-ness" has caused a major hurdle for my diet changes to the point where I lost only 1/4 pound this week.

So, I'm instituting a bloggy fast this week. I've gone through my Palm and removed all my reminders for all my planned blog entries. The only one I may still do is Thankful Thursday because I think it honors the whole point I'm trying to re-learn. Blessings on your adventures the next few days! And, say a little prayer that things get back on track around here!


sara said...

*smile* sitting at His feet is most importany - good for you

lady of value said...

Beth, I know where you're coming from and a fast from blogging does get the priorites back in place. Saying prayers for ya!!

Laurel Wreath said...

Totally understand, breaks bring perspective back into place.


JenMom said...

Supporting you in your break. So glad God has given you such great perespective. I am right there with you.

Lisa said...

God bless you my friend! I know how easy it is to get "out of whack". You are on the right track!


Unashamed said...

I too can relate. Glad that He has given you these little "taps on the shoulder" (so to speak) to bring this to your attention. He is faithful.