Friday, May 4, 2007

A 4:45am Scolding by a Three-Year-Old

My babies are night owls. It's not a problem for us for a variety of reasons. I stay at home so no getting up early to hustle them off to day care or preschool. DaHubby gets to enjoy them longer in the evenings. I get some me-time in the mornings when I'm at my best. We get to go to evening activities (like 7pm midweek services and such) with fewer behavior problems.

Anyway, Flicka was come 8:30 last night which is early for her. My brave "flicka krigare" (little girl warrior) swam the entire length of the pool, over the deep end, TWICE at swimming lessons yesterday. Then, she proceeded to celebrate in such a way (with a video and popcorn uninterrupted by Pojke) that no afternoon nap was taken."But, I'm so sleepy, Momma" was the last thing we heard from the back seat while driving home from Lowe's.

Concerned for her unbroken record of several nights without accidents, we were worried she hadn't "emptied" herself before bed. So, we laid her down with a double folded thick towel across the midsection of her bed and just let her sleep in her clothes.

Jump to the midst of some SERIOUSLY deep sleep, my momma radar detects the patter of feet across the wood floors into the living room. I drag myself out, check the living room but no one there. Hmmm...go to her room. She's standing next to her bed straightening her covers. She turns and says indignantly "what is THIS?" (pointing to the towel). I explain our grown-up reasoning. "But, I don't need THAT anymore!" she sniffed.

She crawls back into bed, having taken off her shirt and sweats, and says accusingly "And, Momma, YOU forgot to put me in PJ's!" She huffs and lays down.

Then, "Momma can you make my bed?" (translation: pull the covers up over her and tuck her in)

Then, "And, Momma, I need my mid-i-fi-er. *sniff* I have a booger nose."

And, she curls up to go back to sleep. Apparently, I've been dismissed! Even at 5am, I didn't know whether to laugh or to start praying for her teenage years! Geesh!


Qtpies7 said...

Oh, cute! Love an attitude on a little one! But then they do grow up, and its not so cute.
I have 7 children and am a Christian stay at home mom.
I saw your blog on Callipidder Days.

Melanie said...


sara said...

so funny! they do have there routines, don't they? Jack needs his special covers, bear, drink of water, shades down and "fan on, Mama."

Unashamed said...

5 am?? Ohhhhhhh.......

Christina said...

I thoroughly enjoyed that story as that sounds exactly like something my Emily would/will do when she's just a bit older.

Your little doll is really growing up fast and she's just adorable. Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

As cute as this is, (and it is definitely cute) it is also affirmation of your parental training. Just when you think they haven't learned anything at all, you are shocked to learn the influence you have actually had.

Would have loved to have seen this on youtube! *grin*