Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Blog Break Extended

DaHubby and I decided last night to head upstate via a 7-9 hours ride (depending on the kids LOL) early (like THREE A.M.) Friday morning. The old friend who owns the cabin on the island I talked about in my favorite vacation spot post is unable to be there this weekend but told us to go on ahead and enjoy it with the kids. So, we're off for a little road trip to somewhere near DaHubby's old stomping grounds for some rest and relaxation - well, at least some R&R once we get there since we all know how much work it'll be to get ready to take two kids under 4 to an island with a cabin with no running water, no technology other than a phone, and no stores! LOL

So, I've got two days to do about 8 errands, pack four people, prep 4 days worth of food, etc. while maintaining some sense of order around the house. Y'all have a wonderful holiday weekend! See ya' back here next Tuesday!

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Peach said...

Have a fabulous trip, don't sweat the small stuff, and thanks for droppin' by today!

Unashamed said...

Oh good stuff! Hope you guys have a GREAT time!

Anonymous said...

I hope this is appropriate to post....
We are considering vacationing at Neebish Island and came across your blog. Your description of the island was the clincher in my decision to visit. Do you have any insight on any cabins that would be available to rent on the Island? We would like to "get away" from our busy-ness.