Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where's Noah?

As a flashback to last summer when we had the basement flood four times over three weeks, I will be spending part of the morning (once the kids get up LOL) wet-vaccing the basement floor. The tornado watches/warnings passed without incident but there's water, water, water everywhere.

One funny side note: as we sat watching the weather alerts on the TV last night, DaHubby had a minor revelation that would make Dave Ramsey proud! LOL

Prior to taking Financial Peace University, partially due to the increasing cost and partially due to our wasting too much time in front of the "idiot box", we had our cable shut off. Where we are located provides an unusual bounty of broadcast via antenna since we are equidistant between Chicago, Kalamazoo, and South Bend. And, this has also resulted in Comcast coming to our door once or twice a month asking us "do you realize you are the only one on your block without cable?" LOL

Anyway, we're watching TV last night and DaHubby says "hey, ya see that static?" (Every time the lightning flashed the picture skewed for a second.) "Ya know what that means? That means it's FREE!"

Hope everyone near me in Michiana is staying dry and survived the predicted 70+mph winds last night. And, that those of you east of us get the wonderful blessing of these warm temperatures very soon! Hard to believe that a week ago it was nearly 40 degrees colder! LOL

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