Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Random Meme

After a long dry period of tags, I got one from Thea yesterday about 7 random things about me!

So, here are the rules:
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Been thinking a lot about where I grew up lately. So, my seven random things have to do with my adolescence:

1. My hometown high school is nearly across the street from the old Ford Motor Company test track/airport.

2. I was the captain of my high school’s marching band’s flag corp. Looking back…the outfit? Oy! And, I can still hear in my head the repetition of “eight to five, eight to five, eight to five…” being drilled in by our band director as he was “gently” reminding us over and over and over of 8 steps for every 5 yards of the field. Which reminds me…

3. As a senior, I was one of a few who took that band director’s challenge to march the entire field (goal line to goal line) blindfolded to see if we had trained enough that after marching 160 steps that the ball of our right foot hit the other goal line! And, I DID IT!

4. As a teenager (and in obviously pre-9-11 times), my circle of friends and I would sit at a pull-off area at the end of the main runway at Detroit Metro Airport and dream of all the real cool places we’d go to and see when we were “all grown up”! LOL

5. One of my favorite memories during high school? Participating in my local community’s theater group’s production of Carousel and Tom Sawyer! Neither were large parts but it absolutely turned me into a theater fan!

6. There was an annual tradition where our rival high school would release LIVE CHICKENS in our school’s hallways the day before our yearly battle on the football field! This would be one of the disadvantages of having a Thunderbird as your high school mascot! LOL

7. And, finally, speaking of birds, one section of my high school was build in a kind of “figure 8” with classrooms in two squares with a common hallway and courtyards in the centers. One “square” contained part of our science wing. An odd but regular occurrence in the spring and fall would be to be in a silent classroom during a big test...the exterior door would be open to the courtyard. And, suddenly, the silence is broken by the mega-decibel caw of at least one very large peacock! There were several who made their home there. Talk about breaking the tension and scarin’ the wits outta ya! LOL

And, instead of tagging seven, I'm breaking from tradition and just opening it up for anyone who wants to share! Y'all consider yourselves tagged if you want.


Anonymous said...

I remember taking tests on the 2nd floor in the spring and the peacock would fly up and land on the open windowsill and let out its big caw. Scared the you know what out of us!

Are you snowed in yet? Thinking of you and the family as always. Love ya.


Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Hey Jill! Miss ya, girl! How are you, R, and your "babies"? School today? LOL Woke up to 6 inches, have probably got another 3-4. Flicka's with the in-laws and Pojke and I are just about to risk the weather wrath to go run a few errands.

Love ya back!

Pam said...

I would have had to change schools! I cannot stand birds. My favorite bird comes in nuggets at Chick Fil A or Mrs. Winners.

Fun walking down memory lane with you, Beth.

Anonymous said...

You had peacocks living at your school?? LOL!!