Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank

Have many things to be thankful for this week - mostly small daily blessings that me smile and sigh thinking of God's goodness and provision.

1. That despite his discomfort, Pojke's been a real trooper with teething in two bottom molars.

2. That despite his discomfort after two days of 102+ fever, DaHubby dragged himself outta bed late last week to take me grocery shopping prior to our most recent "snow dump" because he felt the weather was too bad for me to drive alone.

3. That after several weeks of behavioral struggles, time outs, and tantrums, there seems to be a siesta in Flicka's recent negative attitude.

4. That despite drafts, old windows, and a few missing cold air returns, I have a warm home with a working furnace.

5. That regardless of our money situation which had me worried about getting new winter gear that fit the kids, both Vikings are well-equipped with mittens, hats, boots, and warm jackets thanks to my parents and DaHubby's parents.

6. That after a long silence, there's a bit of sunlight peeking through the clouds in a situation with someone in my family.

7. That yesterday is a fifth Wednesday which means FIVE checks this month for DaHubby! Since we are living on the expectation of four, yesterday's check minus necessities is gonna be the first of a couple large lump payments to our debt snowball over the next few months! Wa-hoo!

8. That the elder at our church who broke three vertebrae in a fall in October continues to gain strength, mobility, and movement. He no longer needs his wheelchair in church. He is able to walk to and from his vehicle as well as in and out of the building with only a walker! Praise God!

9. That I have a hubby that (with minimal complaining *wink*) drags himself out of a warm bed at 5am and go out into the dark Michigan morning cold to get into a cold car with 100K+ miles on it (but HEY it's paid for! LOL) and goes to work each day. The first morning of his flu when I had to go out into that same cold dark morning at 4am to get him some Tylenol for his fever it was brutal. I don't know how he does it day after day after day.

10. And, not only does he drag himself out and work 45 hours a week at his primary job, he is now spending another 10-15 hours a week working from home! A company came to the owner of DaHubby's workplace looking for a quote on some work. The owner stated that he couldn't really quote it in the price range the man was looking for. However, the owner knew of DaHubby's desire for more income so he told the customer to talk to DaHubby about doing it at home in his off hours! What a blessing! DaHubby's working for his regular hourly rate doing what he does all day while sitting in his PJ's at the computer at home! While it is a short term windfall, thank you God for the owner who thought of us in that moment!

So, that's my list for the week. Please join the ladies here or stop by Without Fear to see what some of those awesome ladies are thankful for this week.


Denise said...

You truly are blessed my friend.

Susan said...

God has been good, and you are one blessed woman.

So happy things with the little vickings are getting better.

Thank God for your hubby too!


Cheryl said...

Love reading your post. It's good to have a husband that is so dedicated. You are very blessed. Your babies are so cute! God Bless!

Lynn said...

I ALWAYS love reading posts of thanks for husbands. This is an awsome post. Your are an excellent wife to notice his giving. Wonderful