Friday, January 18, 2008

Week One: Exercise Accountability Challenge

OK, ladies that have signed up so's "weigh in" day! LOL How did ya' do?

I pledged 90 minutes. And, had planned on walking 30 minutes at our local high school (which opens its "field house" aka the new gym with an indoor track on the second floor where an "upper balcony" could be) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I forgot to walk last Friday! LOL

I walked my 30 on Monday.

Then, found a scheduling conflict on Wednesday...well, DUH! We have leadership meetings, midweek services, and praise and worship practice on Wednesday nights! LOL

So, I walked last night for 40 minutes with the assumption that would be it and I'd come in under my pledge when I went to log in this morning.

But.....the internet was out again this morning! *sigh* And, I had gotten up with DaHubby at 5am to try to get something DONE before the Vikings woke up! LOL So, I pulled out a "Pilates for Weight Loss" video and got my "inner core" beat for 30 minutes instead! LOL

So, I did 100 minutes! Yippee for me!

Leave a comment below and I'll try to keep the ticker updated throughout the day as comments come in! Blessings on everyone's weekend if I don't get back to post again today!


Pam said...

I didn't even sign up. Somehow I missed it . . . but I have worked out 240 minutes this week and plan to do another 40 here in a minute when I get off my bum and trade the comfy jeans and sweater for my work out togs.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Awesome, Pam! I'll add you on the list. I just need to know your goal for your total hours for ten weeks. For example...240 minutes this week X 10 weeks would mean a goal of 2400 minutes. Ya know what I mean?

sara said...

167 minutes this week. I committed to 165 but the sermons I was listening to while on the treadmill were good enough that I put in two extra minutes. I'm taking today off and I'm a little worried about losing momentum. I'm also annoyed because it looks like I'm going to have to watch my diet too if I want to lose weight - since the scale has actually gone UP! *sigh*

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Yea, I had one of those weeks as well..and you exercised nearly DOUBLE what I did! *sigh for both of us* But, you SO ROCK for hitting that many minutes! Good job!

The Trier and Jen said...

403 minutes :)

Jen at

Shelby said...

I am so proud (not in a vain way); but I met my goal of 100 minutes, and I must say: IT FEELS GOOD!!!
Thank you Beth for doing this for us! We will all be healthier and fitter for doing so.
Ladies: don't worry about the weight gain, it could be fat loss, and muscle gain (muscle weighs more than fat). Not sure if any of us would have built much muscle yet, but could be possible.

Anonymous said...

Well, since I hurt my foot this week, I lost 2 days of walking. I'm trying to make it up. I'd like to get in another walk today, but you can mark me down for 100 minutes. I'll let you know if you need to add more!!

Denise said...

I am loving this, thanks for doing this Beth. You are doing a great job. I walked 150 minutes this week on the treadmill, and exercised with exercise bands for 60 minutes. Total exercise minutes for the week =210 minutes

Lisa said...

I have worked out 65 minutes and plan to do 20 tomorrow to bring my total 85 minutes (5 over!) for the week. I hope that my saturday minutes still count towards this week. If not, then I'll add them to next week's totals on Friday. Have a blessed weekend!

Unashamed said...

Oh wow. You guys did awesome. I embarrassed to say I only got in 30 minutes. Still, 30 minutes is better than 0!