Monday, January 21, 2008

National Creative Frugality Week

While poking around in a cool resource I stumbled onto, I found out this week is National Creative Frugality Week! While I am hardly the busiest blog in the world, it would appear that the original site who started this isn't spearheading it this year. And, since I have been interested in cutting our expenses and living more sensibly and responsibly, I thought I would take up the mantle in our tiny part of the blogosphere. LOL

So motivated was I in talking this up to some of the bigger "mommy blogs" out there that it would appear I talked myself right into my first guest post ever here tomorrow! (This apparently works like the pastor philosophy that if a church member complains or hints at an improvement that they just volunteered themselves to fix it! LOL)

So, via Nancy Twigg's able advice, here are five things to jumpstart some frugality this week:

1. Write it down. – For at least one week, record every single penny you spend. This will help you see exactly where your money is going and how you can cut back.

2. Cut out extras. – Once you see where your money goes, try to eliminate one or two of the non-essentials such as that cappuccino on the way to work or those extra goodies at the grocery store.

3. Put off spending. – For items that are necessary, challenge yourself to delay that spending as long as you can. Try to use up what you already have in your pantry; walk instead of driving when running errands nearby.

4. Lighten up. – In addition to saving money, look for ways to make extra money. January is a great time to declutter. Pad your wallet by selling your extra stuff through the classified ads, at a consignment store or through an online auction like eBay.

5. Enjoy free fun. – Cut corners but don’t cut out all the fun! Do something fun this week that doesn’t cost you a dime such as curling up with a good library book or visiting a free exhibit with someone you love.

So, perhaps start with these and then come back tomorrow and see my (hopefully) original take on on experience with frugality!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!!

I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for a meme!!

Enjoy the rest of your evening.

twiggy said...

Hi Beth, this is Nancy Twigg, original founder of National Creative Frugality Week. After nine years of heading it up, I am thrilled to see you take the ball and run with it. I hope all your readers are inspired to get creative in their efforts to be frugal. For more ideas, visit


*carrie* said...


Found you via Money Saving Mom.

I discovered COunting the Cost this fall and really appreciate the website and bi-weekly newsletters--they are informative and inspirational!

Anonymous said...

National Creative Frugality Week? I love it! You stumbled across CreativeFrugality? Well I "stumbled" this blog on StumbleUpon cause it's a great read :)

We post a silly holiday or two everyday w/ coupons on our blog,, but we haven't gone weekly yet. I enjoyed your post, so thanks :)