Monday, January 14, 2008

Do I hear 11,000? *wink* - UPDATED

As of this minute, we are up to 10,400 minutes! You ladies are really stepping up! Good for all seven of us!

So, how 'bout we either get three more people to participate for an even TEN!? Just ONE more person will take us over 11,000 minutes pledged. Think what we could do with THREE more people!! We could easily hit 15,000!

What do y'all think?

(UPDATED: Well, Lisa's commitment put us at 8 folks and at 11,200 minutes! Yea, Lisa!)


sara said...

I think your pushing your luck. ;) No, seriously, has Marilee joined us yet?

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Nope, no Marilee yet! *wink* We just have to talk it up some more! *wink*

Lisa said...

DId I join already?? ACK, I don't know!! Yes, Count me in too!
I will commit this week to do 80 minutes of exercise!


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I made it official or not, but you can bump me up to 140 a week for a total of 1400 total minutes.

Lisa said...


Unashamed said...

Tell ya what. I pledge to up my total at the end of the first week. I'm trying to stay realistic here so that I don't lose heart and give up altogether. I figure after a week I should have a good idea of what would be a doable commitment for me. Okay with that?