Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pass The Torch Tuesday

While part of me SOOO looks forward to the cool things Kelly's kids (who are older than the Vikings) get to discover, I'm trying to remember to remain "in the moment" with what the Vikings can do now. So, while out Pass the Torch moments may not look exactly like Kelly's (*wink*), they are important nonetheless! LOL

One of the most important developments lately around here: self toothbrushing!

While it hasn't been happening solo every night, it's definitely a step in the right direction of relieving "Mommy" of the nightly double-struggle of trying to brush the teeth of the toddler equivalent of whirling dervishes! LOL

For more PTT moments, stop by Kelly's place today!


Kelly - PTT said...

I love this shot! And you are capturing a major milestone! Our PTT moments looked like that once too -- keep up the great work!

Unashamed said...

Good job! And trust me, the more good habits you instill at this age, the less headaches you will have down the road.

sara said...

wow, I can't wait. I love Pojke sitting in the sink.