Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't Forget: First Check In Tomorrow

If you are participating (or WANT to participate) in our 10 week exercise accountability challenge, tomorrow is the first day to comment here about the number of minutes you exercised this week.

And, one clarification: while I recorded your goals (for a motivation tool! *wink* And, to get the counter set up. LOL), I am NOT keeping track if you are hit your goal each week.

If I were a bigger blog and I had prizes to giveaway or something, I might. LOL But, this is an honor system here, folks!

So, be here (that's an order! *wink*) and tell us how ya' did; what challenges you faced, if any; any "tweakings" that had to be done; etc.

See ya then and see how much the counter "jumps"!

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