Friday, January 11, 2008

Would have been a good Wordless Wednesday and WFMW...UPDATED

...but couldn't wait to ask y'all with sons: Is this what it's like with boys? LOL

Wednesday night: runs the right side of his head into a table at church

Thursday morning: while running to the van, trips on the sidewalk and scuffs his nose and forehead on the concrete

Then, last night:

During his post-dinner playing, Pojke's pushing his toy bus throughout the house, hits a "bump" in his road which results in the bus bouncing back into his face...hard enough to break. the. truck! *sigh*

Last night:

(By the way: to whoever gave me the idea to have red washcloths around for injuries such as this, so the injured one doesn't see the amount of blood....THANK YOU!!)

This morning:
Why do I see several trips to the ER in my future? LOL

(Oh, one other things...say goodbye to those "baby curls"! At 11am this morning, he's getting his first "big boy" haircut! *sigh* Where did my baby go?)


Pam said...

Make sure you post an "after" photo of the "big boy 'do". They grow up so fast!

Laurel Wreath said...

Yeppers, so is the life of a Mom with boys. Lets see I have had two cracked open heads, too many stitches to count, thank God no broken bones yet (but with them playing football now it may only be a matter of time).

Sorry he got hurt.

Karen said...

Oh, yes! Between the ages of 2 & 4 my second son saw the ER several times! And we have plenty of pics with lovely scrapes and bruises on his head too.

I even have some studio pics with scrapes since they always seemed to have an injury the day before scheduled pictures!

Anonymous said...

While we have been lucky as far as NOT having to visit the ER, Jake is down 1 tooth that he knocked out of his mouth when he fell on his Elefun.

It'll get better...kind of.