Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm finally pretty!

I've never felt particularly pretty. Always felt lacking in all things "girly." Never in style. Wouldn't even know where to begin if I DID want to be "in". Make-up application is still beyond me and I am one of the few women I know who hate shopping of all kinds and would still rather spend extra money on ANYTHING other than a new dress or new shoes! LOL

Luckily, God provided for a husband who compliments my way of thinking! LOL And, he still often mentions how pretty he thinks I am. But, it finally soaked in today....

While snuggling Flicka during our pre-nap routine: "Those sure are pretty eyelashes, Mommy. Where'd ya get those? You sure are pretty!"

DaHubby - no matter what condition I am in - thinks I'm pretty. He sees what's inside and out and still thinks I'm pretty.

Flicka - no matter what kind of day she (or I) have had - thinks I'm pretty. Despite bickering over rules, time outs, what she'll wear or not wear - she still thinks I'm pretty.

How blessed am I? *sigh* Wow!


sara said...

Yes, you are certainly blessed. This occured to me when Jack was a baby - how he would light up when I entered the room, how happy he was to see me. He would stare into my face and be a contented little guy. On the days when I would look in the mirror and think "blech," Jack found me beautiful.

Unashamed said...

Honey, when you smile, you are as pretty as they come.