Friday, January 18, 2008

Three Little Stitches

It really wasn't a big deal. I wasn't having any problems. It was just on my mind and I happened to mention it to my doctor when I went in for a medication check around Thanksgiving.

Y' mom was always a "sun worshipper" before we all learned that maybe that wasn't a great idea. LOL And, I was a "water baby" at the neighborhood pool as soon as I could walk as well as a lifeguard most summers from mid-college until I met DaHubby in my 30's.

However, we are both older and wiser now. My mom is a melanoma survivor and is vigilant now with sunscreen and self-checking her skin. I started asking my doctors many years ago at my yearly physicals and "girl exams" to do a skin check each time I saw them. Since I was single for so long, how often do you *really* get a good look at your back and shoulders! LOL And, I can only expect DaHubby to be so observant *wink*

My mom and I have had matching birthmarks/moles on our right upper chest as long as I can remember. Until she had hers removed a few years ago. A "precaution", I think. And, as my mom went through treatment for melanoma, my feelings about mine began to change. I watched it carefully along with two on my face that also match the ones on my mom's face. Then, she had the ones on her face removed as well.

So, I mentioned my mom's history to my doc. She says that there appears to be "some" link but they really don't know how strong yet for families with melanoma. She check out the three largest moles I have and said she could take them all off right in her office. Well, what little vanity I have reared its head as I admitted to myself that I'd rather have a dermatologist or plastic surgeon take the ones off my face! LOL So, I opted for the one on my chest.

It was a 15 minute procedure at most, resulting in 3 stitches. And, those 3 stitches might as well have been 30 for all the thinking it's made me do this week. Thoughts of "what ifs" and "what might this bring". Reminders that my 40th birthday is only 40-some days away. Remembering that my then-36 and then-38 year old body pushed out a nearly 9 lb and nearly 10 lb babies in the last 4 years and just won't bounce back the same way as those who had their babies in their 20's! LOL

Finally (a little off topic but all ties together - bear with me), I realized something related to my tattoo. Now, not everyone knows I have one nor have many people seen it. I got it when I was 25 when I was away from God and trying to cling to anything that would remind me that things would get better...eventually. My tattoo is a graphic of the moon cycle - full, quarter, new, and "three-quarter". I wanted to remember that things are generally cyclical and no matter how bad things seemed at the time, things would improve.

Well, as I looked down at those three little stitches the other night, it occurred to me that when all is said and done I will have a new "tattoo". And, that those three stitches looked remarkably like...three little crosses. Like those of Calvary. And, while they are on the "wrong" side, they are very nearly right over my heart.

And, the little scar that remains will reminded me of the Calvary crosses and THE Cross and the scars my Savior paid for me. And, how He stitched my heart back together.

Maybe not as "pretty" but a much better reminder of a good report and what the Lord has done for me!

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Denise said...

You will be in my prayers dear one.