Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The crud has found us! :( UPDATED

Last night, DaHubby comes home feeling icky. Up 'til midnight finishing laundry, doing dishes, getting grocery list together, etc.

4:50am Flicka's wakes up from an accident/nightmare
5am Take DaHubby's temp...103! *sigh*
It's 5:23am and I'm off to our 24 hr Walgreens for Tylenol, Gatorade, and ice cream...and a LOT of caffeine for me.

6am Tylenol
8am mucho sweating/fever breaks
11am back to 102.2, more Tylenol
12:30pm more sweating...

It's 24 to 72 hours of this, right? *sigh* The kids and I are gonna have to evacuate soon if the fever doesn't get under control. And, it's grocery day! Oy! So little food in the house. Might have to call in reinforcements so I can go shopping.

Poor baby - this is the sickest I've ever seen him. Any suggestions other than to push more fluids!? LOL


Melanie said...

Sorry to hear that, Beth! Get well soon!!!

Christina said... mom and sister swear by Theraflu, but I've never tried it. Maybe it's worth a shot?

Hope the hubby feels better ASAP and that no one else gets it.

Lisa said...

Bummer!! Praying that he feels better soon!

Think Lysol...

Beth said...

Wish I had some good advice. But if he's not better in a few days head to the dr. Maybe s/he can give something more potent than what's over the counter.

Once the Boss had some crud and fever so DH gave him some 4 pm! Then wanted him to do his homework. All the poor kid wanted to do was sleep!