Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

I updated my personal list of goals for 2008 that I've been keeping at 43things.com. It's more of a to-do list than resolutions but it's reminder system and knowing I'm to "report in" every so ofter motivates me and keeps those goals in the forefront of my mind.

Anyway, one of the things that was on my projected list for February (the month of tax returns! LOL) was to do SOMETHING with the Vikings' closets. Flicka's started out bare - no shelves, no pole, no nothing - and has been that way since we moved in two years ago. Pitiful, I know. Then, Pojke's closet was becoming a morass of any hang-up-able clothes for both kids, boxes, old baby stuff, stuff for Freecycle, Goodwill, and Ebay, toys, you name it.

Our money situation, with living on what Dave Ramsey calls a "rice and beans and beans and rice" financial plan, has not allowed for any "extras" beyond food, shelter, utilities, and debt payments. Yet, we had one of our expected "extra"/refund from an earlier dumb financial mistake check FINALLY come in.

Now, Anita, don't worry! (*wink*) I did NOT go hog wild! LOL $300 went to our debt and the remaining $40 took us to Lowe's for the first time in FIVE months to see if we could do something with the closets!

The before (I forgot to take pics with all the junk still in them):

And, for LESS THAN $40 dollars, I got hand-crafted, CUSTOM shelves for both Vikings... courtesy of my wonderful, multi-talented hubby! (*smiles proudly*) The wood was our only cost and one of the poles came out of Pojke's closet and went into Flicka's.

The after:


So, now I can almost cross off two of my seventeen things to get done in 2008! I still want to change the toy storage around in Pojke's closet and I still need a hanging gadget for all of Flicka's purses! But, hey, I finished almost a month early! LOL

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Looks great!! Very organized!

Michelle Pendergrass said...


Lynne said...

Nice job! I need to do that to my daughter's closet but don't have any wood working skills. I'll have to spend more and go the Closet Maid route I think.

Jennifer Tiszai said...

Great job! I turned a laundry room closet into my little desk/office area using scrap wood. It's awfully money saving having handy skills!

sara said...

Very cool. I'm a little jealous.