Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Viking New Year

Well, the kids seem to be recuperating OK. Both are still flinching at anything near their ears but their overall moods have improved.

Last night was spent with Rice Crispie treats, popcorn, movies, and a blanket tent...with a little later than normal bedtime around 10pm. Mom and Dad made it 'til midnight but not by much! LOL

Then, this morning I woke up this morning with a baking/cooking urge like nothing I've had since "nesting" hit before Pojke arrived! LOL Made homemade cinnamon rolls with the bread machine, two loaves of strawberry bread using some of a gallon freezer bag of fresh/frozen strawberries we got at church, Grandma's homemade pancakes and fried taters for breakfast, and the marinade to put some AngelFood steaks in for dinner...all before noon! LOL Then, I sat down, read the last three days' worth of newspapers, then got back up to make lunch! *wink*

Anyway, DaHubby's out in the garage working on some income-producing projects, the Vikings are finishing up a Disney flick, and then they are going to lay down for naps/quiet time. Maybe I'll get a shower and some quiet time of my own then! Or maybe I'll start the MOMS Club newsletter, do the last tweaking of the January budget at TotalMoneyMakeover.com, or create the Vikings' thank you notes so I can send them out this week. *sigh*

We'll see...oh, did I mention we got 2-3 inches of snow on the ground with 2-4 more predicted, that my house smells wonderfully and is warmer now with two north-facing window "shrink-wrapped", that I was up with Pojke for over an hour during the night, and that I think the couch and favorite blanket is calling my name....zzzzzzzz.

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The Trier and Jen said...

Happy New Years
hope its a good one for you and you

your evening sounds nice

we had a normal bedtime
i for one find it far too punishing getting late nights these days

I must be getting old (sigh)