Thursday, January 17, 2008

The last "celebration"

Today is one of those days I dread. Pojke's had his cake. And, he had his big boy haircut. The final "celebration" of his birthday? The dreaded well check visit to the pediatrician accompanied by vaccinations! *groan*

Our current ped follows a little different schedule than our first. (We part of a Christian peds practice and our first ped went back to school for her masters in public health because she's going overseas into the mission field.) Flicka had one or two shots at her one year ck up, at a 15 month ck up, and at an 18 month ck up. So, when her 2 yr ck up came around, there were none left.

Pojke, however, has not been in for a well ck in a year so all those that Flicka had spread out over the year are due today. *sigh*

The other wonderful thing to look forward to? It's "only" the vaccinations today - I have to take Pojke back sometime soon for a blood draw - not a finger pr*ck but a needle-in-the-arm draw for a lead test! *lip quivering* It's required if your house was built before a particular year due to lead-contaminated products.

Flicka STILL remembers her blood draw at 18 months and I'm JUST getting her over her fear of going into the peds' office. And, in seven weeks, it'll be her turn for her four-year shots.

So, they've both sailed through shots before and they've both had times they've run fevers. Hard to know how the day will go. Other downer: Flicka is going with us. And, trying to get her to wait in the waiting room like Pojke gets "stuck" will be like removing super glue. *sigh*

And, the icing on the cake? I have an appt immediately following Pojke's down the hall at MY doctor's to remove some stitches I received last week.

It's gonna be one of those days! LOL I will rest in Him. I will rest in Him. I will rest in Him. He who is within me is greater... He who is within me is greater... He who is within me is greater...


Beth said...

In August I took all 3 kids to the ped in Lebanon while we were there since we no longer have insurance in the States. They all 3 got shots. I hope the twins don't protest the next time they visit him!

sara said...

how'd it go?

BTW, my husband really liked the cake. He something like, "I like the cake!" He doesn't usually comment on stuff like that so it was high praise.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...


He was amazing - a complete stunner for me. Due to all of the combos they are making now, it ended up being only one shot since we turned down the Hep A vaccination (low exposure risk, national breakouts on the decrease, not required in MI).

He cried for about a minute and has been fine despite a half dollar sized "reaction" around the injection fever, no crankiness, no excessive nap/sleep/fussiness like it's been with Flicka in the past.

A really nice surprise.

And, tell your hubby thanks for the rave compliment! LOL

Melanie said...

Glad to hear it went well, Beth. You should have called me - I would have watched Flicka! What did you get stitches for? I missed that!