Monday, May 26, 2008

Grafting News! A Memorable Weekend!

It appears that at 13 days post-transplant, my bro-in-law J's stem cells are officially starting to graft to Peggy's body! After nearly two weeks of awful and painful side effects and expected reactions, her numbers are increasing substantially! Praise God!

From their blog at CarePages:

Thursday (9 days post transplant [PT]): "She kept me busy we walked and then we walked and then we walked some more...She felt good we probably walked at least 15 times around the halls...She had some pain today in her mouth and throat but they have started giving her morphine constantly and it really seems to help. She is sleeping much better tonight...Peggy's WBC(white blood count) is .49 up from .28."

Friday (10 days PT): "Good Morning!!! Peggy woke up feeling good today..Her WBC jump from .49 to 1.22 which is great, Her platelets went from 46 to 85 which is good...Her vitals are all great ..Just the sores in her throat and mouth although it is being controlled by Morphine.. Otherwise she is feeling and doing great. We have done about 8 laps already today. She received one unit of blood earlier today. Peggy had a really great day today...We can say the engraftment has started ....Yeah Peggy is beginning to get a new Immune system and it is responding so far really well..She felt good all day except for the sores in her Mouth and throat which causes her not to be able to eat or drink anything..."

Saturday (11 days PT): "Peggy woke up feeling great!!! Her WBC Triple today went from 1.22 to 3.78 range depending where is get you information is 4-10 or 5-11 either way she is close to being in that range. all her other count look good to platelets went from 85 up to 130 range is 150-399 so she is almost there too..Red blood count is up from 2.60 to 3.05 normal range is 4-5.2 Hemoglobin went from 7.9 to 9.2 Normal range is 12-16 although she got help on this one with a unit of Blood yesterday her Neutrophil were .09 yesterday do not have them yet ..this is the big one they want the Neutrophil to be 1.0 before going home so we got a little ways to go yet on that one"

Sunday: (12 days PT): "We have been walking and walking and walking and then visiting with others ..We have had a great day!!! Peggy is feeling so well...she actually took a couple of drinks of water today which is great. Doctor Larson said she will start taking away 1 antibiotic at a time and see how Peggy does ...Then try to get her Mouth and Throat Better ...Her Neutrophil went from .09 to a .876 which is Awesome! 1.0 Means she is no longer Neutropenic the averages range is 1.84-7.80 ..."

Please continue to pray if you felt led. We were initially told it would be another month before she could come home. But, because of God's amazing healing hands, it could be as soon as next week!

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