Friday, May 2, 2008

Five Classes I Wish They Taught In School

GiBee over at Kisses of Sunshine tagged me for an interesting meme. She tagged me a week ago so, while I'm usually pretty good about quickly posting memes, I'm a little behind on this one.

Not to be too serious about it, but looking back lately at what I wished I had known sooner and looking forward as I consider appropriate training and instruction for the Vikings, this has actually been on my mind a lot lately.

So, following GiBee's gracious lead, here are my five "required" classes I wish I had completed.

1. Spiritual Management: This course includes not only individual counseling but also training in a Bible knowledge and living a Biblical lifestyle. This course is meant to not only help the student let loose of old emotional baggage but look ahead effectively so one can meet God, build faith, and learn what God's will is for one's future church, spouse, family, and calling.

2. Personal Wealth Management: The student would learn that ALL of it is God's, that tithing 10% back is the least we can do, and then how to manage the other 90% as a good steward. Instruction includes debt avoidance, paying with cash, being a wise consumer, learning about budgeting, cash-flow planning, living frugally within one's means, insurance, investing, and giving.

3. Personal Property Management: This multifaceted class will train the learner to be able to make simple repairs to property he/she purchases. The goal is to enlighten the student that it is more simple and more financially savvy to maintain one's purchases than to dispose of them and simple buy more. There will be units on simple auto repair and basic home maintenance as well as units on technology upkeep (file management, e-cleaning, and protection via firewalls and commercial virus and spyware software).

4. Personal Environment Management: This class will give the learner a working knowledge of the environmental impact of their every day decisions. Recycling, hybrid vehicles, reducing waste, composting, appropriate landscaping for one's climate, etc. One will also do a special study on the specific ecological features of one's hometown area.

5. Personal Physical Management: This course combines nutrition, health issues and challenges including diet, injury and illness prevention, and the benefits of appropriate physical exercise.

Now, for the part most don't like...the tagging. Since she has acted as a mentor for me electronically and at great distance (LOL), I would be very interested to see what Anita would say for this meme.

Due to the fact I'm interested in how to raise up my babies as beautifully as she's raising up her boy, I tag Lisa.

And, anyone else who is interested in spending time pondering this, feel free to participate!


GiBee said...

Oh, those are EXCELLENT classes. I'm so on board with the first one. When can Hunter sign up???

Lisa said...

Great thoughts!! Yes, I'll play! I will send you a comment once it's up. Probably won't be until Monday! Have a blessed weekend!

Oh, and that missing fashion jean ( I mean, gene) :-) I don't have it either...