Friday, May 2, 2008

My missing fashion gene

DaHubby caught this sweet pic of Flicka as we were leaving for church last night to facilitate Financial Peace University.

He really loves his girl! LOL Can you tell?

And, ya want a random true confession? I've always been a fashion flop! LOL I've always been about a year behind or just completely out of the loop on what I should wear and what looks good on me. Apparently, Flicka got the fashion gene from someone else! Check out the full outfit!

And, for those that are wondering...YES, I made her wear shorts under it! *wink*


MotoMom said...

Too cute. It is times like those that I would proudly proclaim to all who gawked, "She dressed herself this morning, is't that wonderful!"
Now that she is Middle School I simply make her walk 10 steps behind me so no one knows she is with me. ;)

GiBee said...

Oh, stop ... she's the spitting image of vogue! With that face and those eyes, who cares what she's wearing and whether it matches or not!