Saturday, May 17, 2008

The fourth summer of fun!

Another example of a perk to living in Southwest Michigan...

I mentioned yesterday in my ramblings about having a free kid-friendly event to go to last night. And, OH MY, what a time was had!

I described here a year ago about the public art displays our local area puts on to attract tourism. There have been summers filled with carousel horses (2004-2005), bears (2006), and cars (2007).

Well, last night was the community's "sneak preview" of this summer's objet d'art. This summer's theme? Living on Lake Michigan?

Well, BOATS, of course! Sailboats, tugs, race boats, and canoes...all decorated by local people from professional artists to local students to our favorite children's librarians! LOL

I'm so proud of our local officials and administrators. They have really hit the nail on the head again! A free preview with free pizza, free ice cream, free hot dogs, and a raffle for a drawing they've been promoting for several weeks. And, it was held at our local ice rink facility!

There doesn't appear to be an online link yet to images of all of them like the other links but here's a sneak peek at the sneak preview! LOL

So, if you're in the area after Memorial Day weekend when all these will be place around our gorgeous downtown area, give us call and we'll gladly take you on a tour! *wink*

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