Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've mentioned I'm bad with change, right?

About a million times, right? *sigh* But, I'm doing better than usual at least! LOL

When it rains, it's pours! This week was DaHubby's first week of school. From now on, Mondays and Wednesdays are spent with me in a flurry of activity from 3:30-4:30pm as I get everything ready for DaHubby's single hour at home with the Vikings from 4:30-5:30pm. His class starts at six and he's getting home just as I put the Vikings to bed.

Then, on Tuesday we found out about another possible change. Because of some additional training at work, DaHubby is now "certified" on a new software along with another man at the shop.

Good news? Great opportunity since it makes DaHubby more of a keeper in the event of layoffs plus one big customer insists on only this software so there's actually work to be done (and even backed up and waiting) for anyone able to use it.

Bad news? There's only one computer, or "seat" as it is called, in the shop with the software. So, to get the most usage out of that single seat until another can be purchased (for multiple thousands of dollars), it appears DaHubby and his peer will be working out a "swing shift" system.

As of now, DaHubby works 7am-4pm. This new proposal would have DaHubby working 8-5 and then straight to class on M and W. And, he'd be working 1-10pm T, TH, and F. This is in addition to teaching Financial Peace University on Thursdays - we have NO idea how to work THAT out at this point. And, DaHubby probably will have to give up leading praise and worship if the team cannot find another day and time that will work for everyone to practice.

Ya never know what you're holding as precious 'til it's gone! LOL Because if you read that right, that would mean no family dinners at home anymore. *sigh* And, I'm so bummed.

And, currently, my most productive time of the day when I get about 75% of my work done for the day is from 6-10am which will be our new "family time" and 1-5pm is generally the Vikings' and my "home time" for naps and such so I'm kinda lost about how this will all work out.

And, have I mentioned that after nearly 15 years of being a single adult, I'm not really good about "sharing" DaHubby with the "real world" now that I found him? LOL It's only been a week and I miss him.

I obviously was not cut out to be a military wife! *wink* But, seriously, this will probably be exceptional training (and a confirmation) for DaHubby's decision to go back to school since working at either of our area nuclear plants will require rotating through all three traditional shifts.

So, there's a lot of change going on around here which generally makes me feel off balance and a little panicky but it also makes for lousy blogging too! LOL So, your patience would be appreciated as we work through this.

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Karen said...

Wow - that is a *lot* of change to figure out! I'd have a hard time with that adjustment too.

I'm stingy with my time with dh, and I would be no good at all with our family time being in the early morning.

I'll be praying for you!