Monday, May 19, 2008

Montessori Mondays

A short and sweet one:

Grandma's "duster" and a broom from the dollar store cut down about 12 inches...makes for Vikings so eager to "help" with housework! LOL

This reminds me of my advanced middle school teacher training that described the ideal middle school as one where the students had a voice and were active in the runnings of the school at an age-appropriate level which gave them an "ownership" that caused them to "buy into" what the staff was trying to do. And, as a result, fewer discipline and procedural problems!

Got the broom idea
here and thank you to Barbara for hosting this week's Montessori Monday!


Barbara said...

Beth -

great idea with cutting down a broom to make it more child-friendly. You are so right about kids being involved in the ownership of their home. If you raise them this way from a young age they will always feel it.


Jessica said...

Plus, they really learn to help!

Love the little one w/o pants--that is totally my house!

GiBee said...

You know what? Hunter has the exact same broom. Grandpa bought it for him at the dollar store and cut it down too! Too funny!!!