Monday, May 12, 2008

DaHubby's New Challenge

I'm just bursting with the news. I'm so proud of him. I have to share.

DaHubby's current job is moderately stable but fluctuates with the manufacturing industry around these parts that has been seriously knocked down in the current economy. Before we met, fifty hour work weeks and large multi-thousand dollar yearly bonuses were the norm. He was making between two to three times what I made in my fifth year teaching.

I've never seen one of those bonuses in the eight years I've known DaHubby and, at this point in time, his hours have been cut to 40 with no OT and there is weekly talk around his workplace about the possibility of future layoffs.

However, DaHubby's been thinkin' ahead. As a self-starter and a self-teacher and just one darn brilliant guy, he's decided to go back to college! He's never had much use for it up until now. He got in his current shop on the proverbial bottom rung and has worked himself up to one of the highest paid non-supervisory positions in the place. All without a degree.

But, with that industry failing, DaHubby's skills (while extensive) are difficult to transfer and/or assess for someone outside that field since DaHubby never got the piece of paper to "prove" he's an engineer.

Well, design engineer for not much longer. DaHubby is at this moment as I type in his first class that will apply to a new degree just announced by one of our local community colleges, Lake Michigan College. DaHubby will be training to be one of the first people to complete an associates in industrial technology which will train him to be an employee at one of our two local nuclear plants.

As someone who has spent 9 years in college (4 undergrad, 3 post-BA teaching certification, 2 on my MA) and thousands of dollars in tuition and student loans to now be at home full time (LOL), I'm not much intimated by the whole college experience anymore. But, bless his heart, he's a little stressed he'll do well.

I have no I tell the Vikings: he's one of the smartest men I know!

So, within about three years, this will be a "dual degreed" home with DaHubby making just what he's making now with the potential to earn much more! *big smile*

And, for those Dave Ramsey fans who are wondering, we're paying for it in CASH! So, THAT'S where most of our stimulus check is going this year - thankyouverymuch! LOL


Lisa said...

Woo Hoo! Way to go!! Congrats to everyone!!

BTW, posted a comment on your comment on my blog :-)

Unashamed said...

Big smiles here. Please tell him I'm SOOOO proud of him. You've got a good man there. :)

GiBee said...

Wow! That's awesome!!! He must feel good knowing his future is about to change!! (for the better!)