Friday, May 2, 2008

I met someone IRL!

I met a bloggy mom unexpectedly tonight! Talk about a small world!

I joined The Homeschool Lounge a month or so ago. One of the perks was finding a Michigan homeschoolers group within the Lounge. I was delighted to find someone who was from the area in which I reside and made initial attempts to be friendly - eventually suggesting that we meet some place "neutral" so we could meet and our kids could play.

We lost track of each other as our busy momma lives have led us off on daily "bunny trails" but I was thinking of her this morning as I had been marking our family calendar with all the festivals, carnivals, and activities going on in Berrien County this summer. How cool would it be to meet her at one of the free events this summer?

Well, I didn't have to wait that long...DaHubby, the Vikings, and I went to a youth concert at a local church tonight where two of the young men who play in our praise and worship band were performing with their own band. How sweet it was to see not only us "old guys" but our pastor, two of our elders, my in-laws, and several other of my church family show up to cheer these two guys on!

As I'm waiting for the music to start, I see a *really* big weightlifter guy walk in and immediately recognized his wife! It was Shawnna from The Homeschool Lounge! Her hubby and she are part of a ministry which reach out to youth and other people groups through "shows" demonstrating their physical and eventually spiritual strength.

Then, we realized that her hubby, Scott, works with the father of one of the young men we came to see. That father was the one DaHubby traveled to Tennessee with last weekend. And, Shawnna's hubby and that father work together locally! Plus, Scott knows the pastor of another local church where our pastor's son-in-law in the outreach/evangelism coordinator!

Christ's Kingdom...far and wide....or right next door! How cool it is to be part of the body of Christ!? Amen!

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Thursday's Child said...

How cool! It's so great you finally got to meet.