Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank

In honor of Pam and the ladies of Thankful Thursday...

I am thankful for so much this week...

1. several good days with the Vikings where all seemed right in the world
2. a sense of peace pervading the house Monday and Tuesday
3. God's guidance and that of others in a major life decision we had to make this week
4. minimal Vikings conks, bumps, bruises, and injuries so far this week
5. a church family that continues to astound me with its love and commitment to Christ and God's will no matter the inconvenience or cost
6. a sweet anniversary card from DaHubby
7. even sweeter and ever-abundant drawings from the Vikings lately
8. wonderful warm, sunny weather (at least 'til yesterday! LOL It poured rain all day and now it's less than 50 degrees! Gotta love MI weather!)
9. previous and soon-to-be received care packages in the mail
10. but my favorite thankful thing this week:

Peggy started her LAST round of chemo yesterday afternoon! She'll be done by Sunday with her stem cell transplant next Tuesday! And, then she'll be home FOR GOOD in 4-6 weeks! Praise God!

So, what are YOU thankful for this week?


Denise said...

Such beautiful reasons to be thankful sweetie, bless you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news about your SIL! Keeping her in our prayers.

Miss you,

Melanie said...

What wonderful news about Peggy! Definitely makes for a special Thankful Thursday.

GiBee said...

I can't tell to well, because you're hiding behind the kids, but are you loosing weight? You look like you are! Your face looks lovely!

Praise God about Peggy -- answers to prayer! Woot! Gotta love God's work!

Gina's Public Diary said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Darlene said...

Wonderful TT list!
Have a happy Mother's Day Sunday!

Storm said...

Wonderful list and great news about Peggy. God bless.

Jane Anne said...

Such a great list-- great variety of things to be thankful for! Praise God for Peggy's last round of Chemo. And, I just LOVE pictures drawn by my kids.

Tanja said...

Your list is wonderful. I also have to comment on your quote to the right under Things You're Pondering. That is a great quote. Who said that? I'm going to be pondering on that as well.

Anonymous said...
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