Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to pass the torch in an area you are weak in?

I feel VERY deficient in this area but, with only a handful of relations long since out of the service and only one or two of my friends having served in any capacity, I have have less than average experience with our country's awesome armed forces.

In spite of that, I am determined to install a sense of thankfulness and pride in the Vikings for all our military families do for us as citizens. And, what is a better example of Christ's love for us than a military force who is willing to lay down their lives to keep us free.

So, the Vikings, my in-laws, and I made sure we got to our small town's downtown on Friday for our Memorial Day parade.

Just as this car went by, I nudged Flicka to say that those solider had bee working to keep us safe. Flicka then yelled "thank you!"

What else could we say?

I just hope it is enough.

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janice said...

You can go here,


to get ideas for the vikings and let them really make a difference.

Kelly - PTT said...

I find this difficult too - I think you did a great job. We just came back from Washington DC and were at Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day weekend. It's such a thoughtful place, and our kids asked a lot of questions. I think the best thing I can do is to provide an opportunity for them to stretch their minds a bit, and then answer their questions the best way I know how.

Way to pass the torch!